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Rechroming Service for Car Parts, Motorcycle Parts, Bathroom Taps & Door Furniture 

Here at Homeofchrome we offer a chrome plating chroming service for a variety of objects including car parts, motorcycle parts, bathroom taps and door furniture.
Whether you need your car bumper trim restoring or just your bathroom taps, our specialist team are here to help. 

Our rechroming service involves the technical process of electroplating chromium onto a metal item and can be used on most items, providing they fit into our process tanks.

Rechroming metals can be for aesthetic and practical purposes. Some of the main benefits include providing corrosion resistance, increasing a surface hardness or to make something more decoratively pleasing due to the shine it creates. 

If you take pride in your automotive then why not refinish some of its parts? We offer a rechroming service for both car and motorbike parts. Chrome is well used in the automotive industry, as a product that that makes parts look expensive and also durable. From chrome exhaust pipes to shiny clip on handle bars, our chroming service can restore your motorbike to its former glory.

When it comes to cars, rechroming is very popular also. We commonly restore head lights, wheel spinners and AA car badges. Why not call us now for a quote on 0161 683 4908?

Click here to find out more on our dedicated restoration website or fill in the form below for a quick quote:

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