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TapLock Spout
TapLock will provide complete security and peace of mind and is ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial use
Who is using your water?

TapLock by SpinSecure has a unique free-spinning design in order to secure taps and hose bibbs from miscellaneous vandalism, unauthorised use, tampering and water theft.

TapLock is made of a hard non ferrous zinc alloy (to prevent rusting) and uses a magnetic locking system that is fully weather and tamper proof. Unlike other security devices TapLock can be keyed alike so that multiple taps can be secured with the convenience of having only one key.

Each magnetic key is coded to match the lock, so simply sliding a magnet into the recess will not defeat this lock.

TapLock will provide complete security and peace of mind and is ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial use in places such as:

    Holiday Homes
    Shopping Centres
    Caravan Parks
    Apartment Blocks

In fact, just about anywhere where there is a water tap that could be tampered with.


    Eliminates "crow-bar" access.
    For use on standard water taps.
    Machined from a non-ferrous hard Zinc Alloy.
    High security magnetic lock.
    Complete with 2 magnetic keys.
    No sealants or adhesive required.


    Helps care for the environment
    Prevents theft and unauthorised use
    Prevents waste
    Helps reduce water bills
    Helps conserve water

TapLock is available in two versions TapLock Spout and TapLock Handle (when bought with the optional handle adaptor pack).

TapLock Spout
TapLock Spout very easy to fit and requires no special tools.

When the TapLock is in "Secure Mode" it will seal your tap to stop the flow of water if turned on and the free-spinning design makes it virtually impossible to remove.

It is designed primarily for people who use their tap occasionally as you remove TapLock every time you require the use of your tap and provides a very high security solution in protecting your water.

TapLock Handle
If you purchase the handle and spout adaptor pack, you can convert your TapLock to replace the handle on your tap.

TapLock Handle is designed primarily for regular users of their tap, as once it is fitted in never needs to be removed as it replaces the standard handle on your water tap.

TapLock Handle allows hoses etc. to be permanently connected to the tap and requires a supplied special adaptor to be fitted in place of the tap handle.

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